.....right? So why do I always hear people say love is the one thing that should last forever?

Hypertension, metabolic syndrome & diabetes in a wrapper! *yum*

SO!! America-one of the richest, most progressive countries-is also home to the unhealthiest people in the world. The land of the free...I think should be changed to the land of the F-A-T!
Just when KFC was getting rave reviews for introducing their new, somewhat healthier grilled chicken option, they unveil...this..?

*dun dun dun daaaa*
The new KFC Double Down sandwich!! Uumm, bacon & cheese yea yea we already know your artery clogging abilities, but no bun? Nope, they use...wait for it...2 pieces of fried chicken instead. *gasp* ....... is this your low-carb option?

I would love to meet the brains who mulled over the deep fryer thinking "hmmm, I wonder if I could use 2 pieces of fried chicken instead of this bun (because clearly that's what Dr. Atkins was thinking). Ooohh yea, then I can add bacon, 2 different kinds of cheese & of course our trademark colonel's sauce!!" GENIUS!


Way to double down, eerrr I mean double UP your chances of heart attack. Smooth move KFC.
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